Ah, the off-season. At long last, it’s here. Back in July, after a disappointing Nationals, I started to think about the off-season like a long awaited vacation. However, now it’s here and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Honestly, August and September racing went better than I expected and while my racing in Norway at the World Cup finals did not meet my hopes, the week of touring after the race exceeded my expectations. Anyway, now I’m home and back into the swing of things…fully immersed in the 9-5 (which is really 7:30-5:30 most days who are we kidding?). And trying to embrace the “off season” where I am not a bike racer but a recreational athlete/weekend warrior.
Surprisingly, I do not need a mental break. I am ready to go. I am fired up. 2014? Bring it on! Physically however is another factor. I still have the lingering chest congestion that I felt in Norway, my legs are perfectly content to NOT pedal a bike, and I can’t seem to get out of bed early enough to get those early morning workouts in that I enthusiastically plan each night before I go to sleep. So, ok-I guess I’ll take a break…
Meanwhile, I would just like to say that somewhere in my past…whether in a previous life or through my ancestry, I came from Norway. This place spoke to me like no place ever has. Ari (whose ancestry IS actually Norwegian) and I just had the best time hiking, observing, and breathing Norway. And now that I’m home and downloading our photos, I’m looking through all the pictures I took this year. I’ve got pictures from Texas, Argentina (what?!), California with my parents, Germany, Prague, Czech forests, Vail, Missoula, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Winter Park, Quebec, Grand Junction, and Norway. All evoking such positive and powerful memories. Granted, I shared each of these moments with family and/or friends that I love, but it was bike racing that brought me to these moments. Damn. How lucky am I?!
So, yeah I’m fired up for 2014. But, I’ve realized it’s like when you get a big snow storm…you take a few moments to appreciate the beauty, you unabashedly fall into the snow and make a snow angel, and THEN you get up and start shoveling the driveway. So, I’m in the snow angel phase. I’m going to relish the past season memories, I’m going to casually exercise (not to be confused with Train), and when my body/mind/soul is ready-I’m going to prepare for the 2014 race season…with a vengeance. 🙂