I’m a fan of comedian Demetri Martin. He does this skit about what OK is short for…maybe Okey Dokey? And, if that’s the case, there are certain situations where Okey Dokey just doesn’t make sense. Like, a surgeon updating family members… “Good news. She’s going to be Okey Dokey”. Or, two macho guys puffing their chests, getting ready to brawl…”Okey Dokey! Let’s DO this!” That phrase is now constantly in my mind. It’s become my 1-2-3 ready set go saying. Okey Dokey, Erin, Let’s DO this…get out of bed, get on the bike, lift a heavy weight, etc. Unfortunately, I say it internally so often, that now I am starting to say it externally too. Okey Dokey, Project Team, let’s do this review, conference call, meeting, etc! It doesn’t have quite the effect on my co-workers as it does for me. I fear they are beginning to suspect that I’m slightly crazy…fortunately I think they are still deciding if it’s like a smart kind of crazy or just a weird kind of crazy. Keeps ’em on their toes.

ANYWAY, the whole point of this post was to say…Okey Dokey folks, I’m gonna do this! My commitment to my website has been refreshed. Honestly, what has prevented me from posting has been my hesitation to post anything that wasn’t politically and grammatically correct, met my high standards for being entertaining and witty, while also being personal yet not too divulging. So, you see, I’ve got pages and pages of updates that just didn’t meet this (or is it these?) criteria and therefore have never seen the light of Web.
Then interestingly enough, I had a star-chart consultation with an astrologist. Whoa-didn’t see that coming now did you?! How’s that for divulging? Anyway, short story-I am a perfectionist, I carry a lot in my mind, and I should write because it would be good for me to do something more creative and would be a good outlet for the voices in my head (joking…sort of). So, I’d like to start posting more and caring less about it being perfect. I hope to share more of my everyday thoughts, but also share more about what it’s like to be ME. And, being ME at the moment means working hard to be the best Elite Mountain Bike racer I can be while also balancing my career, family, and life in general.