After taking a blogging break, I’m back! The past few months have been a mix of being relaxing, busy, fun, cold, warm, exciting,  a nice change of pace, and then a return to routine all at the same time!

After the World Championships in Austria, Ari and I spent some time being tourists in Europe for the first time ever. It was a very fun and special experience. We returned home and were both immediately swept up by the day-to-day and settled into our normal routine. We were able to take our new pop-up camper out for a beautiful weekend, we went to a wedding, we went to some football games…just generally enjoyed the fall season.

I started to miss my bike pretty quickly and was going for regular rides throughout October and November. I was shaken up by a pretty scary crash which will leave  me with a pretty sweet ‘bike tattoo’.

This is what happens when you do a summersault while still attached to your bike.

By Thanksgiving, it was time to start training for the 2013 race season. I’ve had some solid days on the bike, and I’ve had some less stellar days since then. The weather has been a study in contrasts…highs not breaking 30 for several days and then highs tickling 60 for a few days. I’ve had to quell my type A tendencies a bit and adapt to what is reasonably achievable on a day to day basis.  I continue to balance a full-time career while trying to train as a professional would. After the motivating experiences of last season, the highlight being the opportunity to compete at the World Championships, I am focused on making 2013 the best race season yet!


I am super thankful and fortunate to have the continued support of Tokyo Joes, Trek, and Clif bar for next year while also adding a few key partners to my camp. Next year I will be working with Skratch Labs for hydration, Pearlizumi for shoes, and Osprey Packs for bike, commuting, and travel packs and luggage.  I will get even stronger and faster with the help of Coach Ann Trombley who has been my coach from the beginning. With the support of these folks and the invaluable support and love from my family, I look to try some new things this season and step it up a notch. I’m still working on my ideal race schedule, balancing travel funds and vacation days, but I’ve got at least a few races planned and we’ll see how things go! Here’s to an exciting and successful 2013!