An overdue post

This post is long overdue...I am extremely grateful to all my sponsors for their support this year. Thank you for believing in me and backing me! Specifically, I would like to highlight a few people,

Team USA

World Championships: the race

I woke Saturday morning to the sight of clear blue skies and was thankful that it seemed we would have a spectacular day for racing. We were shuttled to the venue and I decided to

World Championships…the prelude

Last post I was sitting in the airport excited and apprehensive for the adventure that was awaiting me. Now, I'm sitting in a different airport looking back on the experiences I had. I will have

World Championships

The other day I was doing intervals up my favorite, go-to interval road. The kind of road with a cruel grade that forces you to go hard just to win the fight with gravity and

Jump to today…

"Update website" has been on my to do list for the past 4 weeks. I put it off for a few weeks, and then the Olympics started so that made it that much more difficult.

Windham Race Report

As last weekend proved, just finishing a World Cup is sometimes the most immediate goal. Then, not getting pulled is the next goal. But, I also had a stretch goal. Despite my less than stellar

Between races…

Jill and I made a stop in East Burke Vermont and did some riding on the Kingdom trails. Super fun. It was nice to ride new, fun trails and just be mountain bikers...not racers for

ok,ok-the Mont-Sainte-Anne race report

I've procrastinated to the fullest on writing this report, but since it's the day before the NEXT World Cup Race but since it's almost been 2 weeks, I guess I should get it over with

What does one do with one’s time?

If I haven't mentioned it before-I work full time. In the real world I am a project manager for a medical device company. My days are filled with meetings, emails, schedules, and often some kind