The obligatory post on what a blogging professional mountain biker is eating.  This post is prompted by my recent dabbling within the realm of Paleo.

My go to breakfast and/or recovery snack for the past 2 years or so was a big bowl of greek yogurt, berries, and granola. However, after taking part in a Paleo challenge (everyone’s doing it) thru Crossfit Julia, I realized that I may have an intolerance to lactose. Actually, I was diagnosed with this as a kid and have since avoided milk, but yogurt and ice-cream conveniently didn’t seem to bother me. However, after cutting out all dairy for ~4weeks and then re-introducing yogurt back into my diet I either observed or imagined the following: water retention, nasal congestion, and a return of asthma symptoms. This last observation caught me off guard as I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t used/needed my inhaler throughout the entire paleo challenge and then started needing it again once dairy snuck back into my daily intake. So, sadly, I think this means that I need to replace my recovery snack. Any suggestions? And, it’s gotta be something sweet…some people crave salt, but when I’m struggling to finish up a workout, I have visions of sweet dessert-like items. Or, I may decide that I just imagined the above reactions and succumb to the simple and delicious yogurty goodness.

Aside from dairy, per the Paleo guidance, grains, sugar, and processed foods are also out. So what do I eat? Here are my top favorites:

Kale is my new oatmeal. Meaning that I can eat it for days straight and not get tired of it, it’s a “super food”-everywhere you look nutritional experts are extolling it’s benefits, and I like to eat it for breakfast (think smoothie)! Except kale is even better than oatmeal because I grew the sh!t out of it in my garden last summer and am still enjoying the frozen bunches of awesome.

I am also on a Brussels sprouts kick. These little suckers don’t work well in a smoothie, but can still be enjoyed for breakfast as a nice hash-type base to some fried (or poached) eggs. They also make regular appearances on my dinner plate, and subsequent lunches. Sadly I have been unable to grow them in my garden, but I might make another attempt this year…


See? I'm not F'n around.


Finally, whey; I am, like, way into whey. I know, what about my lactose intolerance? Most whey supplements are pretty much lactose free, and I haven’t observed any negative reactions to using whey powder in smoothies. I also use egg-white protein powder. Both can be an acquired taste, but once the taste is acquired, the protein smoothie can be quite delicious.

And I guess I should mention that I’m also eating a lot more eggs-easily going through a dozen a week. I eat them for breakfast, I eat them for dinner, I hard-boil them and eat them as snacks. Don’t judge.

And while you are withholding judgment, I will admit that I have a dependency on almond butter. Especially the kind I can grind myself from the little dispensary (insert medical marijuana joke here) at the grocery store. I try to restrict myself to eating the almond butter via some kind of healthy vessel i.e. apple, celery, banana, etc; but usually end up just eating it by the spoonful. You said you wouldn’t judge.

So there you have it. These are a few of my favorite things to eat. Which reminds me, it’s time for second breakfastJ