I’m in the lovely mid-west for the penultimate ProXCT race of the season outside of Portage, Wisconsin. The race is at the Cascade mtn ski area. My travel buddy Evelyn and I arrived yesterday evening and went for a quick spin on the course.  The course is fun I thought-made up of a seemingly never-ending series of twists and turns…there are maybe three straight sections on the whole course. There are also some fun obstacles at the end of the course before you head back out for another lap which should make for good spectating. When pre-riding I thought to myself that it felt like you were climbing the whole time. I attributed this to my jet-lagged legs and non-race paced pre-riding. However, further investigation on Strava reveals, that yes, you are climbing pretty much the whole time. Little ups coming out of all the turns really adds up….to over 700ft of climbing per lap. That’s pretty decent.

Today was a nice spin around Portage in the morning, mixed in with some office work, and then it’s the short track race this evening at 8:30pm. Yowza that’s gonna be a little tough!

But, I did enjoy my spin this morning and felt like I got to learn more about the glorious town of Portage….

There are lots of streets named Albert…which is my Dad’s name. Good thing he didn’t grow up here because I’d guess they’d have to replace a fair number of their street signs through his teenage years…

There’s a curling center, where Olympic dreams are made…good to know in case this bike thing doesn’t work and I want to try something new.


There are lots of pretty water-ways and beach areas.


There’s an impressively large prison
And, there’s a lovely Walmart that you can ride your horse and buggy to and tie up while you buy your necessities.