It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything so I guess I have a lot to catch up on.  The weather lately has been pretty fantastic, and the days are getting long-so I’ve been able to enjoy my favorite spring-time activities; gardening, riding mountain bikes, hiking with my boys (husband and dogs). I’ve also been racing-both on the road bike and mountain bike. I did the Boulder Roubaix race for the first time. It was a harsh reminder how hard road racing can be and how big a role strategy can play. That was April 7th. I think I finished 8th after getting dropped on the last hill. What?! Hills are supposed to be my strength. Don’t really know what happened, but tried not to let it bother me. The following weekend I traveled to Fruita to race in the Rumble at 18 Road mountain bike race. This race marked the end of a five week training block, so my legs were pretty fatigued going into it. But the course was fun, the weather pretty much cooperated, and aside from getting lost while I was warming up and having to hitch a ride back to the start (who does that?!), the race went pretty well.I felt pretty good, actually surpisingly good. Until halfway through the last lap when my legs just sort of quit.  I ended up coming in second behind Jenny Smith. Here’s an interview I gave after the race-not one of my most glamorous moments, but I feel like at least I was semi-cogent.

After that, I had a lovely rest week. And then raced the Koppenburg classic another Boulder classic “road” race that’s mostly on dirt. And, another race that just didn’t go as well as I was hoping. I chalked this one up to poor strategy. That brings me up to last weekend, where I raced the Ridgeline Rampage in Castle Rock. It was 3 laps on a 10 mile course that was smooth and fast with a mix of shorter steep climbs and downhills with lots of off-camber turns. It was a fun course. I was mainly hoping to feel strong after a few less than stellar performances. And, I did feel good. I maintained  a steady pace, focused on being smooth, and trying to minimize the effects of the ~85 degree heat. I ended up pulling off my first W of the season!  I’ll try to post some pictures once I track some down.

Next up is some more racing close to home mixed with some relaxing weekends just kicking it. I’ll try to stay on top of posting more!