I have been taking some pictures the past few weeks with good intentions of posting them. I guess together they form a collage of a day in the life of Erin. Here’s a shot of my pre-ride breakfast….Nice view of Devil’s Thumb to complement my delicious fried eggs over sweet potato hash.

Pre-ride breakfast with a view

A ride in the early morning before work. No better way to start your day than intervals up Flagstaff. I stopped to put my coat on for the downhill and a nice guy called me over to point out these vultures, or are they raptors?,  just perched on this rock outcropping. You have to look closely. It was pretty cool.

Vultures on Flagstaff

I think this was a lunch time ride…one of the few where I was lucky enough to make the window before nasty weather rolled in. It is beautiful though…

Beating the storm

This is what greets me when I come home.

You kidding me with this cuteness?!

A beautiful lunchtime ride