I always have mixed feelings about the off-season. On one hand I love having the additional time to play in my garden, go for hikes with dogs, spend quality time with my husband, catch up with friends, etc. On the other hand, being the Type A person that I am, I can get anxious about not having a training schedule or a goal to strive for. And then, if we go back to the other hand I’m not really interested in bike racing during my “off-season”. The past two years I’ve decided to train for a marathon. The first year, I got injured and wasn’t able to do the race. Last year, I did the race and met my goal of qualifying for Boston (didn’t get in, but that’s a different story). So this year September rolls in, marking the official start of my off season and the anxiety creeps in with it. I’m not motivated to train for another marathon (that wasn’t that fun to be honest). ‘Cross racing feels too serious and doesn’t satisfy my desire to do and try different things. And, the Man (and by Man  I mean the corporation that is my employer-not Ari) is seriously keeping me down with a fair amount of stress and overtime at the office so I don’t have a lot of time to train on a daily basis. What is a goal oriented, anxious, busy person to do?! I decide to try something new and totally different, and conveniently that only takes 30min-1 hour for each workout- Crossfit!

I signed up for a month trial at Crossfit Julia in Louisville-conveniently just down the street from where I work. At first, I was skeptical. I wasn’t any good at pull-ups, double-unders, wall-balls, or any of the other staples of the Crossfit exercise fundamentals. I could run, but I didn’t sign up to just do sprint intervals. And then I realized that if I wanted to give this a fair chance and improve I would have to really get dedicated. I signed up for classes 5 days a week and practiced at home. It’s been a month and my skills have definitely improved. I look forward to each WOD (workout of the day) and I love the constant feeling of soreness in at least one of my muscle-groups. So, I’ve signed up for another month. AND, I’ve signed up for a Paleo challenge set to start next week (more on that later).

Next month is the end of my “off-season”. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue with crossfit as my other training picks up. Recovery is definitely a concern. But, we’ll see. There were a few races this year, National Championships one of them, that I felt like I just didn’t have the muscular strength or power to perform how I wanted to. I’m hopeful that Crossfit will help me build that strength. At the very least I desperately want to get my kipping pull-up nailed!