Hey, it’s time for an update! So here we go…

Memorial Day Weekend I decided that I’d rather not race and just enjoy the long weekend with Ari and the pups. We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in Crested Butte. We had a great time hiking, riding bikes, and fishing. It was awesome.

The next weekend we left the dogs at home and headed up to Vail for the Teva Mtn Games. Ari dropped me off to go pre-ride the course while he checked into our hotel and tried to find some fish to catch. I ran into fellow Tokyo Joes athlete, Ksenia, as she and her mom were heading out to pre-ride as well. The three of us did a loop and all agreed that it was challenging and fun! I was looking forward to racing the next day-I liked the course and my legs felt good! My family also came up to Vail to spend the weekend and support me; my parents literally just back from their long-anticipated bicycle tour of Italy and fighting some serious jet-lag. As always, it was great to have the loved-ones’ support.

XC race morning: I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been experimenting with different nutritional strategies and this morning I tried a new one-THREE breakfasts! It was awesome. I love breakfast. My goal was to fuel up for the longer race and not have to eat during the race. My strategy seemed to work as I had no stomach or other nutritional issues and felt good the entire time (aside from just general fatigue). I focused on staying strong, smooth, and steady and managed to come across the line in 4th place. Last year I was psyched to get 6th, the year before that it was 8th…I am happy with this trend!!

Hill Climb TT: after checking out the start list the night before, I was a little intimidated by the list of ‘roadies’ signed up to race…to say the least. But, the motto I have inadvertadantly picked up is: “It is what it is”. So I tried to give my legs a little pep talk and tell them that 9.7miles up hill isn’t really that big a deal. Long story short, I finished in 4th place which was still in the money and was pretty all right by me.

So, it was a weekend of fourths for me.  Last year I had a sixth place and a win, and nothing feels as good as a win, but I feel like the level of competition was a little higher this year and I was still in the money baby, and that’s A-O-K:)