This past weekend there were several different racing options to choose from. There was the first of the Mountain States Cup series, which was a stage race in Salida. There was the Battle of the Bear race in Lakewood-a race I’ve done several times and has become a marker for my early season fitness. There was the Superior Classic road race/stage race. I decided against these choices, and opted instead for the Gowdy Grinder, a very low key race outside of Laramie, Wyoming where you get charged an “attached rider” fee if you try and show a racing license of any sort. I wanted to try something new, spend the day with friends, ride new trails, and focus on having fun instead of focusing on strictly racing.

I achieved all my goals! I didn’t have the best race ever. I think mostly because I stubbornly tried to ride sections that might be ridable with practice but weren’t ridable for the first time on race day. I kept getting hung up mid-pedal stroke trying to dismount, waddle through the technical section, and re-mount only to have to dismount all over again because I didn’t have enough momentum to clear the next little tech-section. It was sort of a comedy of errors. But, I made the same mistakes the 2nd lap through! Hmm, not a fast learner…or just extremely stubborn.

Josh Cooley was there and took some good pictures. Thanks Josh!